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Handcrafted dress up clothes for children

2-7 years, made with love, imagination and fun.




I'm Helen, owner of Birdyplaysdressup. I've always had a desire to have my own creative business. I went to art college and studied art, design and textiles but followed a safer career as a health professional. However the arrival of my 2 beautiful, fun loving children has evoked this passion and now I've decided to combine my 2 big passions to create ‘Birdy plays dress up’. The original idea to make children's dress up clothes came after I found a childhood nurse dress up outfit that my mum had made for me. It sparked an idea to make handmade , quality, wholesome dress up clothes for children aged 2 to 7. All the clothes are handcrafted by me using quality, child friendly, non - scratchy materials. I've tried to make dress up clothes that are easy to get on and off for busy parents and children.

Each dress up outfit aims to be as unique and individual as the the little personality that wears them, not merely another mass produced throw away one and hopefully one that will be cherished and passed down the generations. I'd like my dress up clothes to inspire the little imaginations of today and for our children to experience some of the innocence we enjoyed as children and not just succumb to that of the ever-present technical age. The simple act of putting on a costume can take a child to a whole new world of make believe, full of fun. After all ‘Birdy plays dress up’ is handcrafted for fun!

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