Providing all Australian women with safe, comfortable and durable clothing for women working in the agricultural, mining, trades and services industries.



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Green Hip was created out of the sheer need for great quality, safe, comfortable and stylish workwear designed for women.

I worked as a horticulturalist for 10 years before I decided to solve the problem that women across the nation were talking about. Wearing men's workwear which, is quite frankly, uncomfortable and simply doesn't fit. 

In 2010 Green Hip was launched; Workwear for Women, Designed by Women!  Our focus is to create super comfy, stylish workwear that is highly functional and meets all workplace requirements.

It’s true! Not only do women deserve to feel good while they’re working but now they can feel comfortable wearing durable workwear outside of their workplace.  You'll actually feel like a woman while sweating it out along side the guys and it’s such an exciting time to be a Tradie Lady now there’s stylish workwear to wear! Let's face it, we spend the majority of our life at work and we should feel comfy in the clothes we wear every day. 

Based in Geelong, Victoria Australia, Green Hip Workwear is not just for the workplace, our workwear is versatile and can be worn on the weekends too. You won’t even think twice about wearing your Green Hip gear on the weekends!  Imagine wearing your old baggy uncomfortable men’s workwear on your weekend. Never!

You'll also be pleased to know that we are manufacturing our garments with the least impact to the environment as possible. We feel very responsible as an Australian business to contribute back to the environment and over the last 8 years we have joined forces with local Land Care groups and have planted over 30,000 plants in Victoria, Australia. This is our environmental pledge, for every garment we sell we plant a native grass, shrub or tree. Giving back makes us feel great! 

We’re passionate about growing our hip range of workwear to accommodate all sectors of working women and our we have big plans to include more styles and accessories. Let's face it, we all spend the majority of our life at work and we should feel comfy in the clothes we wear every day. We know Green Hip clothes will help you feel happy and hip, and still get the job done!

Happy working!

Liv Thwaites

Founder of Green Hip