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Embroidery Art by Jo Cashmore 



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Hello, my name is Jo. I am a Thai born self-taught artist. I have been living in Geelong and call Australia home for a decade. Growing up with a ‘crafty’ family I put all of my family memories together into my Embroidery Art.

My mum taught me how to sew. We made huge doonas and mattresses together for our family and cousins. When I say help I mean put the thread through the needle for her as her eyesight wasn’t great.. and I was just too little to sew back then.

Mum passed away in 2015. Very sad indeed. Not long after that, I decided to take my sewing skills more seriously. Every time I sew, I think of her.

It becomes more and more enjoyable leading to fun later on when I made a few hoops and built my courage enough to take them out to meet you guys at the local markets.

Thank you to my very first customers, those who stopped, chatted, purchased and ordered online. You all are a big part of making me being me today!

A couple of years in the field of an artist. I learned a lot. I start to see things differently. I enjoy nature more than ever. Especially the beautifulness of the surroundings of Geelong and the Surfcoast.

I got to practice more on my sketching. Watercolor painting…I fell deeply in love with watercolour .. those stains got magic! I got to have fun with all sorts of stitching techniques. Adding some accessories…beads, yarns, and fabric and more.

I got to play with the algorithm with social media. And finally, I have my website which I love and am really proud of myself. Well, I didn’t have many ideas at the start, just somewhere I can put everything of my embroidery works together.

After 6 months, things started forming together and I kind of know what is a real purpose of me being here or even the purpose of my embroidery work.

“Embroidery is the connection that I would like to create through my works to those who get a spark with  the textile arts, those who love the stains of watercolour and those who still find their ‘right’ hobby”

I am here to share. Share my works, share my passion, share my skills. If you like to join or share, please feel free to contact me.