Limited edition leather products without the ludicrous label prices.



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A leather goods brand that allows everyone to have luxurious pieces. One should be able to access luxury leather products without the ludicrous label prices. Our philosophy is built into every piece we make. 

The leather goods created are made with the slow fashion movement in mind, not even a sewing machine is used for stitching. Completely opposed to mass production, the leather defines what will be created, or the client!


The products Sam creates are all made from genuine leather and are hand crafted here in Geelong. Born out of a need for quality and affordable products, Sam develops all of her pieces with functionalism and style in mind. Not a machine in sight, Sam’s signature style stands out with its refined rawness and on point styling. All leather is personally selected by Sam herself, creating accessories, jewellery and homewares that are personalised and limited runs, ensuring your pieces from House of Sam remain unique.   


The beauty of House of Sam products being hand made in Geelong means you can get custom made products, ensuring you can purchase something for everyone. We offer a personalised service where you are able to choose your own colours and messages on some of our products. The added bonus is you are supporting local small business and keeping business here in Geelong. Be yourself, be unique like House of Sam leather.