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Hi There!


I make hand crafted Polymer Clay Jewellery.


Each piece is handmade to create unique patterns paired with bold colours.


I am a mum first and foremost of my four little poppets, Amelia, Luca and twins Finley and Piper. Being a mum  is the most amazing adventure, but I found I needed an outlet of creativity for myself. My down time and relaxation was to get my craft on at night when  the kids   were (hopefully!) fast asleep.


I started rolling  clay and making myself colourful earrings to brighten my day which soon expanded into necklaces too. Pretty soo I had people around me commenting on my pieces and  wanting one of their very own – so Kissy was created!


I absolutely love seeing people wear my creations and adore the customer interaction. I have found the support for handmade and locally produced items so refreshing and I love being a part of that with Kissy.