Liberatas is a Creative Technician experimenting with Mixed Mobile Media Design and Processes.



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Liberatas is a Geelong Based Artist/Creative Technician who's practice involves a mixture of classical fine art drawings and illustrative, graphic novel style narratives with modern mobile technology, animation and interactive UI Design. She has created works in Virtual reality, re-drawing scenes from around Geelong in 360 degrees. Furthermore Liberatas has created several prototypes for location based games and narratives to played and set in and around Geelong. Her work investigates and interrogates the dynamic relationship between our psychical surroundings and mobile access to alternative layers of those surroundings and the potential for such a medium to aid another, new form of communication between people who share a psychical space.


Liberatas also has a background in outdoor recreation and as such her most recent projects involve an investigation into how location based games could be combined with concepts surrounding Eco-therapy and psychogeography. Liberatas has original Sketches from locations around Geelong, Concept Images, and progress works* detailing her conceptually driven practice available for sale as individual works of art.


Once Purchased works will be printed on high quality paper, authenticated by the Artist and may be framed subject to discussion with the Artist and potential extra costs. Liberatas also has artist books available for online purchase.

*please note that works that come with QR codes and/or are labeled so, contain access to exclusive additional online content.